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Marqui 2pc Throw Pillow Set


Marqui 2pc Throw Pillow Set Skewed


Bed Pillows at Furniture Mecca

Get a great night’s sleep with comfortable bed pillows from Furniture Mecca. This foundation can make or break how you sleep and how relaxed your body is the next day. A good pillow can help you get the comfort you need and prevent neck pain or spinal issues. From a memory foam pillow to down pillows, Furniture Mecca has exactly what you need to rest easy.

Down Pillows or Memory Foam Pillows?
Down pillows and memory pillows are like night and day. A down pillow is made with feathers giving it weight and softness when you lay your head down to rest. Down pillows do not contour to the shape of your body like memory foam, they fill and fluff up like a cloud to support your head and neck. Memory foam pillows were designed specifically to support your neck and spine, making them perfect for people with back pain and sleep issues.

How to Wash Pillows
You can’t throw your pillow in the washing machine, like you do with sheets, quilts and blankets. Depending on the type of pillow, you may have to take extra precautions when cleaning. You might even be wondering, “can you wash memory foam pillows?” The good news is, you can! First look to see what kind of pillow you have. Down, synthetic or cotton-filled pillows are safe to put into the wash. If your pillow is made of memory foam, then you will have to hand wash. Usually memory foam pillows have a removable zip cover that can be thrown in with other laundry. Deep stains in the foam require hand washing. Fill a bucket, tub or sink with warm water and a mild detergent. Then toss your pillow in and massage until all the dirt and grime is out. Follow with a deep rinse and let the pillow air-dry. Make sure all the water is gone before covering and sleeping on it!

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