Mattresses at Furniture Mecca

You spend about a third of your life asleep, so it’s important to have a quality mattress! Depending on your comfort level, budget and preferred size, Furniture Mecca has a mattress that will help you sleep soundly — whatever your needs are! We have a large selection of mattresses from trusted brands and our showrooms have highly trained sleep consultants ready to help guide you to the right mattress.

What Size Mattress to Buy?
There are several mattress sizes out there on the market, but the sizes you need for your home ultimately depend on your personal preference and your intended purpose. A Twin mattress is a great option for small kids to grow into their teens. This bed size is also a great option for single adults who have a smaller bedroom. A Full mattress has a wider width than a Twin but smaller than a Queen. Full size mattresses are ideal for single adults or a couple that doesn’t mind snuggling up during the night. A Queen is the most common size mattress because it works for both single adults and couples to stretch out and sleep in. Coming in with an additional 16 inches of width is the King size. This mattress is the same height as a queen but provides plenty of space for sleeping.

Test Before You Rest
At Furniture Mecca, you can test mattresses from top brands including bed-in-a-box before you buy. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, you should treat your mattress purchasing the same. Seeing the mattress in person helps you decide what comfort type is perfect for you. From memory foam to innersprings to hybrid mattresses, you can test out any mattress at a Furniture Mecca store near you.

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